Tuesday, 1 June 2010

2 Ingredients


Since I've been a little lapse on the recipe front lately/always, I thought I would share some of the easiest 'recipes', or more appropriately, assemblages of all time. You know how those ladies wrote that 4 Ingredients book to massive critical acclaim and uber-wealth? Well imagine the monies that will come from my 2 Ingredients book. My 2 Ingredients book that doesn't even cheat by not including cooking oil, salt or pepper in the ingredients count. Amateurs.

In truth, I'm not one for overly wacky flavour combinations. I never quite caught onto the whole New York sweet bacon fad, nor have I been overly impressed by my boyfriend's suggestion of the partnering of avocado and Vegemite or tapenade and butter. However, the following still hinge (at least at the top of the list) on basic good taste whilst providing a surprising complexity of flavour. Which is what I, good friends, am all about. In fact, I hope it is what will be said of me at my funeral: hinged on good taste whilst providing a suprising complexity of flavour.

But please, if you do like yourself some wacky combinations, feel free to share them in the comments.

Classy through to trashy:

Dark chocolate + Cointreau

Papaya + Lime

Parmesan + Apple

Eggplant + miso

Lemongrass + roasted capsicum

Avocado + Japanese soy sauce

Chocolate + Brioche

Cheese + Fig jam

Tomato + Kaffir lime leaves

Natural yogurt + Honey

Carrots + Butter

Avocado + Maple syrup

Tomato + Nam pla (fish sauce. Yes ma'am)

Cold boiled potatoes + Dijionaise

Watermelon + Salt

Vegemite + Cheese

Arrowroot biscuit + Nutella

Danish feta + Dorito

Ice cream + jelly crystals (preferably raspberry: a Fadden Primary School classic)

Processed cheese spread + cheetos (with thanks to Matt Preston)

Plain potato chip + jelly snake


  1. bacon + maple syrup is why god put us all on the planet though, cracka.
    also vanilla ice cream + salt and strawberries + balsamic nummmmm
    p.s. sorry i spam yr blog with stalky comments.

  2. Ice cream, salt, strawberries and balsamic is a good one! But totally breaks the two ingredients rule.

    Tom is a big fan of ice cream with salt and olive oil. I find it confusing.

  3. oh sweet mother of pearl no, i meant separately. although... that should be tried. p.s. have you tried the lindt dark chocolate with sea salt? mmmph!