Monday, 15 February 2010

quilting, doiling.

I had a great doily find today, at my faithful local Salvos. They always have piles of doilies and it takes all my restraint not to buy all of them. Most of these will be used to make more doily cushions - some of them dyed, some left naturale - for my market at the end of march.

Photograph by Be*mused

Looking through piles of cheap stained and damaged doilies and various grandma linens at an antique shop this weekend made me want to put together some kind of brilliant, large project that would use up the gorgeous details. I love the look of this beautiful, natural Japanese quilt with all its little details and embroidery. And I think a quilt that uses little pieces of beautiful embroidered doilies, lacy place mat edges etc. to add detail in a similar way would be pretty. If it goes well I might also make some quilted cushions for selling at my market.

Photograph by Be*mused

Seriously though, look at the detailing of this quilt. Exquisite, no?

Photograph by Be*mused

the perfect weekend lunch

I only just rediscovered cheese on toast, and don't know why I ever left it behind. This version is rather posh, although I think cheese on toast is one of those miraculous concoctions that is divine regardless of the quality of the ingredients. This one is extra spesh, though, and definitely worth the effort and pennies. I've been eating it every weekend for a while now. The sharp cheese, zingy mustard and aniseedy tarragon vinegar really compliment one another perfectly. I like to think it's something Nigel Slater would prepare in his charming London kitchen on a frosty autumn day (which, thankfully, is exactly what today feels like).

Spread a slice of rustic, artisan sourdough with wholegrain mustard. You want the bread to be the excellent, springy, chewy type. Top with grated aged cheddar and grill till golden and bubbly. Serve with some fresh mixed leaves dressed with olive oil, tarragon vinegar (or white wine vinegar if you don't have a mother who grows copious amounts of tarragon and puts it to good use) and a blob of seeded mustard.

Perfect, simple, harmonious flavours.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

More Woodlands

Today is the perfect rainy day for contemplating woodlands.

Flikr mushroom inspiration:

Image credits from left to right, top to bottom: Ben, azmuskoka, Shimie, petitelectronlibre, malc_smith, Canis latrans, Shimie, Theo Groen, -Mike Potts-

The Animals of Farthing Wood inspiration (thanks, Nicola!)

Some preliminary sketching:

The first Handmade Market is on the 28th of March which is scarily soon, so I'll be whipping myself into a crafting frenzy over the next few weeks. xx